Rekless (CEO)

Back in 2011 BBC Introducing endorsed Project Lando, former partner over at Cyntax Error Records decided he wanted to forge his own path in drum and bass, already an in demand DJ playing right across the UK and Europe, he used the contacts he had made along the way to create Ten Ton Beats an off shoot of his Ten Ton of Bass events that were running quite successfully in Essex. 
First signing was Dangerous, they had crossed paths a lot on the breakthrough circuit and it just seemed to be the right fit, next up Project Lando got a demo come through from a certain DJ Dusty whose track ‘Illusions’ put TTB on the map by getting an incredible 8 week run by none other than the mighty Grooverider on his legendary Radio one show, since then a lot of artists have passed through the TTB doors, Samy Nicks & Rekwest were signed very early on in their career and have gone on to release on a variety of huge labels, Neutronic beats head honcho Manga was also drafted in quite early on and still continues to write for the label today, other artists include Substainless, Eazy, Certified Sickness, Shrust, Steampunk and more recently Damageman and Rob Soundline. 
The ethos behind the label has always been to give little known talent a platform to grow, fast forward 5 years and a high majority of producers who have had releases on TTB are either topping the charts under the TTB banner or have gone on to great success elsewhere, so the ethos works and is how Lando continues to drive the label.

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