Welcome to the new look Ten Ton Beats website, Ten Ton Beats is a UK Drum & Bass record label, run by the BBC introducing endorsed Project Lando. Here you can buy the releases from the label before anywhere else, merchandise is also available, including Hats, T shirts and lots more. This is your one stop hub for all things Ten Tons so information on all the artists, mixes, free downloads, videos, artist interviews and loads more.

TTB's sister label Ten Tons Deeper is also has its own section so you can keep up to date with what's happening there see what the artists signed to that label have in store for you if you like your beats on a liquid vibe or with a techy flavour, this will be the section for you.;


Team Ten Ton EP

Dangerous|Manga|Damgeman|Project Lando |Rob Soundline| Dec James|GAW

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Project Lando's Jungle slammer 'Fire in my Belly' featuring Mc D Low gets the remix treatment from one of our scenes most consistent and highly respected producers, the mighty 'Jayline' gets his hand on the stems and whips up a storm only he is capable of, he drags the original track away from its jungle roots smothers it in new school bass techniques and clinically clean production, a wealth of experience is plain to see as Jayline breaths new life into 'Fire in my Belly. 
When it comes to new wave you have to mention the Suffolk based bassline don Damageman, no stranger to Ten Ton this very in demand producer gives the original track a totally different flavour. Mc D - Low's massive vocal is expertly manipulated and a serious amount of Damageman'esque skulduggery is at play to deliver a solid remix which stand toe to toe with Jayline.  
A solid single from the good folks at Ten Ton Beats.



New recruit GAW explodes onto Ten Ton Beats with a start as you mean to go mentality delivering 4 of the finest jump up riddims you will hear this summer. All track set to hurt dancefloors worldwide, giving DJ's that highly sort after 'Selector' kudos and also handing the ravers some bass heavy rumblers to get their shuffle on. 

Gaw made his first appearance on the Team Ton Ton EP with his crowd favourite 'Back & Forth' and he's utilised his understanding of the jump up genre to show this was not a one off. An artist you will be seeing a lot of on TTB over the coming months and defo one of the new wave that is flooding our scene right now.



Ten Ton Beats returns with label head Project Lando unleashing some jungle vibes as summer rolls in, This Generation gives Ten Ton a sound it has always respected, but never celebrated, Jungle is returning in a big way and Project Lando having raved through it the first time around uses his experience and weaves it into every fibre of this release. PL also experiments with MQ's Nice and Sexy for the flip giving the artist now known as Dec James's Dancehall infused banger new direction and fresh sound for your listening pleasure, Lets get this release to truly pop off by reposting and sharing on your social media accounts :-), another rewind guaranteed release from TTB



Ten Ton Beats returns with an all star cast for your listening pleasure the full team has been assembled to push this ever evolving label trough the roof. no dead weight here, all tracks stand alone as absolute bangers, but as a body of work it shows the kind of artist and must have music you can find under the Ten Ton roof, from the label veterans such as Dangerous, Project Lando, Manga & Damageman, to new kids on the block GAW a fantastic new talent very new to the label with a lot to offer our scene you can expect a lot from this new find on the Ten Ton schedule as the year goes on, and Dec James, the artist formerly known as MQ, has taken on a new alias and hasreally grown as a producer with it. 

One person we'd really like to bring your attention to is Rob Soundline, easily one of the most underated producers out there whose lead track fire in my belly remix not only shows real understanding of production but also the ability to listen to a track, give it his own flavour but at the same time fully maintaining the energy from the original



The rudeboy MQ returns with that jump up flavour he does so well, 4 expertly constructed dancefloor destined bangers all of which create absoloute mayhem when dropped, from sublime rollers to face twisting in your face riddims its all here on his Human Filth EP



Ten Ton Beats returns in 2019 with Project Lando at the helm, after a massive 11 track run on BBC Essex introducing show demand has risen for some of the tracks to played to be available to buy, so here it is the Last Dragon EP, the title taken from the film the sample in Bruce Leroy was taken from and a fave of Project Lando as a kid. This EP holds different flavours showcasing the ability throw a hat in the ring of any subgenre of DnB, a must for your Spotify or Apple playlists, not forgetting the download crew. All 4 tracks are high impact dancefloor bangers destined for the raving crew, Project Lando has quite a few projects planned for this year so be sure to join is Soundcloud account to see what this new exciting producer is coming up with for 2019.


Rekless (Owner of Ten Ton Beats, AKA Project Lando) and label buddy Damageman have joined forces to form a new production duo called Rekage. The duo have been tinkering away trying to launch this new brand with a bang.  
The legendary Fatman D was drawn in to provide one of his most well known hooks for the first track 'Stutter' an extremely hard hitting, high energy track not for the feint hearted. 
This new act went back in and created some womptastic flavours for the flip side 'Gearheads' which his just as hard, one for the stomping crew. 

Rekage are getting in the studio as much as possible and working around their individual artist commitments to bring some thing new and fresh to the drum and bass scene. for more details you can check them out on Soundcloud:  
Faceboook: www.facebook.com/rekagednb

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