Ten Ton Beats returns with a full on assault on the audio senses, we started as we meant to on, with Dangerous and his huge 'Get you down' 
single, there is only one way to follow a huge release like that, and that is drop something bigger and badder, the remixes EP demonstrates in bucketloads.
Ten Ton Beats management has pulled out all the stops to bring more exciting bass music for your listening pleasure, 2017 is the year TTB makes a stand, and this EP is designed to turn some heads.

Manga leads the charge on this 5 pack of filth with his remix of Damagemans 'This Music', The highly respected Manga has gone full bore on this holding nothing back, really utilising his years of expertise in making dancefloor grot to produce something absoloutley ferocious in its intensity, TTB's rewind guaranteed stamp is all over this.
Dangerous also pitches in to the carnage with a huge remix of Basstrippers Straight forward, the thing about this EP is all styles of jump up are catered for, Dangerous covering the new school current corner, whilst closer to home Damageman weighs in with a bass heavy moody sounding re fix of Skuff's 'Chapters'. The one they call Damageman is making massive waves in dnb at the mo and his remix shows exactly why that is.
New signing MQ also got the call and decided on one of TTB's older tracks, Dangerous's 'Meatgrinder' has been resurrected pulled apart and put back together by the mad professor AKA MQ, and the results speak for themselves, MQ is one to watch for the future, a great addition to Team Ten Ton, lots coming from him over this year, and finally Rob Soundline returns with an epic remix of Just Mayhems 'Lynx', Rob has managed to drag it away from its liquid roots and give it a darker edge, this is all done whilst keeping the essence of the original, sign of a very talented producer at work there, its not easy to change a tracks sub genre, give it a new identity and have it work, But Rob Soundline manages to do just that, more new music coming from him over the next few months, so lots to look forward to. But for right now ENJOY the Ten Ton remixes EP due in download stores on 27.3.17 exclusive website release 17.3.17.

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