The Good folks at Ten Ton Beats have put together a various artist EP utilising the wealth of talent that is available at Team Ton Ton. 
It has been a flurry of solid releases from Ten Ton Beats this year, and this one is no different. The team over at Ten Tons is stronger than ever with the new addition of label head 'Rekless' going under his alias 'Project Lando' offering up the lead track 'Offensive' along side label buddy 'Dangerous'. Also featured on the EP are what only can be described as 2 of TTB's most decorated soldiers  'Manga', 'Damageman', who have always charted extremely well when they have released on the label, and another new addition 'Bearz dem' also features on this overly weighty collection of filth. Another quality release from this fiercely independent label that has shown its ability to stay the course in a very competitive market.


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