Ten Ton deeper explodes into 2017 with its first release of the year, the liquid, darker edge of the Ten Ton brand is eager to get things moving this year and one way to do that is to inject fresh blood into the label. 
New Signing 'LINK' is no stranger to Ten Tons. having had an EP out quite early on in the Ten Ton Beats discography, he now returns all guns blazing with another genre to add to his toolbelt which is already bursting with WMD's. Link's Pain EP is an absolute belter on an EP, encompassing some sublime liquid tracks with lil nod to the jungle with fellow label buddy MQ with a track called Welcome committee, this is one you will want for these summer months as they get nearer, strict ipod playlist material. Ten Tons Deepers aim for 2017 is to cement a place next to big brother label Ten Ton Beats and if this EP is anything to go by, it wont take long to get there.

The Pain EP is quite simply a masterpiece of summer vibes, lets be honest we all know that artists are very delicate souls with many different sides, and alot of the time they only like to showcase one emotion in their music be it happy, sad, dark what ever they are feeling at the time of production. On the Pain EP Link manages to evoke so many different emotions, he goes dark with the title track 'Pain',  then he takes on a joyride with EWF track that just makes you smile and skank, and then we have Marvin a homage to summertime, windows down in your car just enjoying a hot day is what this track is all about. And then as mentioned before 'Welcome committee' is not only a nod to days gone past with a definite jungle feel, but it is also a bass face inducing, gun finger saluting banger of a riddim which just finishes of the EP nicely. 

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