I started djing when i was at college, alot of my freinds listened to drum and bass, i was more into my punk and skate music, i started going to a few raves and stuff and finally after alot of saving and hard work , got myself my set of technics. I would mix all night after work, buying all the tunes and whites, making mixtape after mixtape.After a while i got together with my close pal illrated and a few others and we got the hitsquad crew togther.We started runnnin regular nights in our local town 

Quite a few big djs and mcs came down, and I got my first real taste of playing to a drunken mob, we made sure we let alot of fellow up and comers have a go, both djs and mcs, i think this helped to make our nights a succsess always busy and always good vibes, after a while we moved venues to hastings pier until it sadly shut down. 

Not long after that i got a demo to dj fluid & ruffride. which led to me playing with new nation, which was wkd, aswell as going to the one nations, i was now djing at them, i played all over with them guys, and got the chance to meet loads of cool likeminded djs and mcs, aswell as gettin to play with some of the biggest names in the game..alot of good nights and good people, 

I started playing on an internet radio station www.futuredrumz.com every sunday with the hitsquad, from there i also did my own show on a friday evening, I then started my weekly show on the mighty kool london. 

I’m lucky enough over the years to also have played a few other internet stations and pirate stations-kool fm, cyndicut fm..krisis dnb, uk bass radio, Rough Tempo and have been a guest on numerous peoples shows. 

Some of the nights and events i have performed at include….main room 1nation  brixton academy/bristol academy/bournemouth opera house,slammin vinyl festival dnb stage,Hastings pier, mc convention,heat vs fever,legends of the dark black,lunacy,sunday science, initiation/direct drive,champions of champions,bassed out,socialism,sub frequency-arcane coalition,new nation nights- camberly/surrey, southampton, london,portsmouth, bristol, bournemouth, brighton,tonbridge wells,wales and that's just the UK I've also gained a following in Europe in recent years the European DJ circuit is where I play most weekends in Belgium, Germany or spain where I now live.

I'm probably most well known for my music production which has been a steady graft over the years, hard work has got me in the studio with some great producers, ive doen colabs with Ironlung, Steampunk, Fraksure, Basstripper, Manga with load more pencilled in for this year. My next release on TTB will definetly be something special sop make sure you look out for that.

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