Bully Beatz first got into drum and bass when he was 13 afte hearing a track by Aphrodite he was hooked instantly to the genre, the only thing on his mind after that first introduction was where could he get more, a very similar story to most artists who have taken this genre to their hearts. The 1st CD he ever bought was Breakbeat Kaos by Adam F & Dj Fresh, which started his journey into collecting drum and bass.
Over the years Bully Beatz toyed with the idea of becoming a drum and bass producer like his heroes, but he thought it wouldn't really happen in the way he wanted, but that didn't stop him from playing around with various productions programs to see if he could recreate his beloved dnb.

Suddenly he began to make sense of it, and the love turned into addiction, an addiction to make some drum and bass he could offer to record labels. Bully sealed himself away in the lab, refusing to let anyone here what he had made until he thought it was ready.
Soon enough Bully Beatz demos were sent out, unsure if anybody would get back to him he was surprised and filled with confidence when he managed to secure releases with US based record label Sound Solution Digital and Sticky bass records.

Its around this time Bully Beatz thought he'd send Ten Ton Beats CEO Rekless a few tracks and see what happened, well what happened is Bully Beatz has a forthcoming release on the highly anticipated 5 years of Ten Ton Beats LP as well as a solo EP locked into the TTB schedule for a 2016 release.

Lots more coming from this very talented producer so make sure you subscribe to the mailing list on this website to see what he's up to next.