Exploding onto the drum and bass scene brand new exclusive signing Drunken Master UK has his debut solo EP on Ten Tons. After leading the charge on TT's last release (Team Ten Ton Part 2) its time to showcase this brand new artist and his vast array of skills in the studio. You will be able to tell that this mans weapon of choice is Jump up dnb and he wields it with reckless abandon, from the lead track 'Kung Fu' to the last track 'C'mon there really is a very high skill level, very intricate drum patterns with well processed synths give 'Drunken Master' his own take on our beloved music, there is an attention to detail that many producers lack. 

For his first solo project this EP is seriously weighty for this Essex based new kid on the block, Drunken Master UK is a name you will be hearing a lot from this point onwards. 

Much Respect