Ten Ton Beats is a UK based drum and bass record label, run by Rekless formerly of both the mighty New Breed Crew and Cyntax Error records. TTB's ethos has always been to find and discover new talent, those gifted producers who sit undiscovered in their bedroom studios perfecting their art and giving a platform to further their reach. During his time at Cyntax Error Records Rekless honed his ears forming an ability to separate the diamonds from the dirtwhen it comes to listening to demos. discoveries such as Sounds Destructive who have since gone on to be the world famous 'Doctor P & Trolley Snatcha respectively, not not forgetting the jump up powerhouse that is DJ Manga who was signed very early on, and of course Raw Theory were also picked uo back in those early days who have since signed for the massive Viper recordings imprint

Fast forward to today and Ten Ton Beats which had its first release in 2011 is 5 years old, a whole host of well known dnb producers have passed through the TTB doors including Substainless, Eazy, Certified Sickness, Shrust, Steampunk and more recently Damageman and Rob Soundline and not forgetting Ten Ton Beats longest serving soldier the first man to sign on that dotted line for TTB and still flying the flag world wide for the Ten Ton Brand the mighty Dangerous, who still records for the label amongst all the of his other projects.
A high majority of producers who have had releases on TTB are either topping the charts under the TTB banner or have gone on to great success elsewhere, so the ethos works and is how Rekless continues to drive the label. 

Ten Ton Beats also has a sister label...

Ten Tons Deeper is the sister label to Ten Ton Beats operating under the Ten Tons Brand. DJ Rekless started Ten Ton Beats 5 years ago and feels the time is right to start another label to run alongside the now well established Ten Ton Beats. Ten Tons Deeper is a home the deeper side of drum and bass. You can expect the same quality and attention to detail you would expect from the Ten Tons camp. The artists on this new label have been on Rekless's radar for some time waiting for the right time to start this new project artists like Melysmaa, Skuff and Sketcha all have music forthcoming on TTD, you also see a re-release of Dj Shodans Soulfire EP, more info will follow


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