Welcome to the new look Ten Ton Beats website, Ten Ton Beats is a UK Drum & Bass record label, run by the BBC introducing endorsed Project Lando. Here you can buy the releases from the label before anywhere else, merchandise is also available, including Hats, T shirts and lots more. This is your one stop hub for all things Ten Tons so information on all the artists, mixes, free downloads, videos, artist interviews and loads more.

TTB's sister label Ten Tons Deeper is also has its own section so you can keep up to date with what's happening there see what the artists signed to that label have in store for you if you like your beats on a liquid vibe or with a techy flavour, this will be the section for you.;



Hailing from Grays, Essex MQ has been steadily building quite a reputation on the jump up scene, already a name widely known on the ever growing Belgian drum and bass scene he has built up a solid fanbase for his unique take on dnb. 

MQ has already got some serious colabs under his belt with the likes of Ten Ton Beats very own Dangerous which is how he came to the attention of label boss Rekless. To cut a long story short after listening to a few of MQ's merkiest of riddims it wasn't long before Rekless sent MQ a contract to become an official TTB artist. His first order of business under the Ten Ton Banner is the Death Blow EP a 4 track collection of some of the dirtiest drum and bass money can buy, every track has that 'Shut down' feel about it, from the title track Death Blow with its heavily hip hop influenced intro to the new skool futuristic vibes of the grot infested 'Pagan'. There is no weak rollers making up the numbers here this is full on undiluted (sorry brockie) jump up dnb at its best, any DJ who needs something to really get the crowds attention can call on any of these 4 tracks to do the job and it will deliver. 
With his next EP release on Ten Ton already ion the making you will want to keep your ear to the ground to see what is coming next from this massively talented producer.



Ten Ton Beats starts 2017 as it means to go on, with the original Ten Ton Soldier Dangerous leading the charge, Dangerous is back on Ten Ton after extensively touring Europe, These 2 huge releases have been doing the round for some time now. Achieving support from the likes of the legendary Nicky Blackmarket and loads more. 
One artists Ten Ton Beats has been after for a while is the man like Complex, an absolute giant in the world of jump up dnb and is definitley and name you will hear when talking about the new wave of drum and bass producers. His colab with Dangerous is an absolute monster and you can look forward to remix work on the label from this highly respected producer.

Label head honcho Rekless unleashes his monthly new mix series FREE DOWNLOAD.. 

Ten Ton Beats head honcho Rekless starts off a brand new mix series, this will be a monthly mix from the man himself, showcasing forthcoming tracks on Ten Ton Beats, its affiliates & friends. Not forgetting all the amazing music that have either been sent to TTB HQ or just what has caught the ear the TTB Bossman. 
Watch out for that Rekless trademark intro mix, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

Dubstep legend Rusko drops Hungry Hippo's by Dangerous & Basstripper in Las Vegas 

In the world of electronic music not many names come as big as the mighty Dubstep legend RUSKO, we at Ten Ton Beats are very proud o have heard through the grapevine that he dropped Hungry Hippo by Dangerous & Basstripper (part of the Back in Town EP by Dangerous, available right now from this websites MP3 store) in a set he played at Smirnoff house on Las Vegas, TTB continuously strives to increase its reach across the globe and it look like its working :-),
check out the video here: https://www.facebook.com/rekless.tons/videos/vb.615776918/10154267217071919/?type=3&theater.



This huge free download from Simskai and the original Ten Ton soldier Dangerous is like dropping a nuke on the dancefloor whenever its uneashed on the crowd. 
The original was released on Dangerous's Back in Town EP available here (/album/413805/back-in-town-ep). 
We have decided to giveaway this massive VIP when we get to 3k followers., wait till you see what we have in store for 3.5k followers ;-)#tellafriendtotellafriend



The highly anticipated 5 years of Ten Ton Beats LP is now locked and loaded in the Ten Ton Beats MP3 store, this site is the only place you can buy any of the tracks anywhere in the world up until its worldwide release on the 3rd of October, Join the mailing list to find out when the all Ten Ton tracks are released as this is the first place you will be able to buy them up to 4 weeks before anywhere else. Simply hit the store tab and click on the Ten Ton Beats MP3's option.

5 years of Ten Ton Beats LP in the mix by Rekless FREE DOWNLOAD OUT NOW  


Back in 2011 Rekless ex New Breed DJ and former partner over at Cyntax Error Records decided he wanted to forge his own path in drum and bass, already an in demand DJ playing right across the UK and Europe, he used the contacts he had made along the way to create Ten Ton Beats an off shoot of his Ten Ton of Bass events that were running quite successfully in Essex. 


First signing was Dangerous, they had crossed paths a lot on the breakthrough circuit and it just seemed to be the right fit, next up Rekless got a demo come through from a certain DJ Dusty whose track ‘Illusions’ put TTB on the map by getting an incredible 8 week run by none other than the mighty Grooverider on his legendary Radio one show, since then a lot of artists have passed through the TTB doors, Samy Nicks & Rekwest were signed very early on in their career and have gone on to release on a variety of huge labels, Neutronic beats head honcho Manga was also drafted in quite early on and still continues to write for the label today, other artists include Substainless, Eazy, Certified Sickness, Shrust, Steampunk and more recently Damageman and Rob Soundline. 

The ethos behind the label has always been to give little known talent a platform to grow, fast forward 5 years and a high majority of producers who have had releases on TTB are either topping the charts under the TTB banner or have gone on to great success elsewhere, so the ethos works and is how Rekless continues to drive the label. 


To celebrate 5 years and 50 releases an LP had to be put together, but the LP had to have adequate representation on Ten Ton Beats over the years, artists such as Samy Nicks has taken time out from his schedule to produce something for the label, Dangerous has also stepped in with a particularly weighty banger alongside Fraksure called ‘Missing in action’, even the man in the big chair at TTB Rekless has returned to the studio alongside Damageman to make something special to celebrate with a jump up tear out called ‘Be Careful’, Rekless even drafted in Dusty who submitted a very Dusty’esq banger called ‘Bug Bomb’. This LP is 15 tracks strong with each standing its own ground which is why it makes such a good mix. Some very special guests are on jingle duty giving this mix a bit of gravitas. The full LP release has been pencilled in for September so make sure you keep an eye out for it in download stores worldwide, but for now download this cheeky little mix from TTB’s very own Rekless.

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