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TTB's sister label Ten Tons Deeper is also has its own section so you can keep up to date with what's happening there see what the artists signed to that label have in store for you if you like your beats on a liquid vibe or with a techy flavour, this will be the section for you.;


Ten Ton Rewind Liquid Edition Part 2

Various Artists

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  1. 1 Marvin 05:36
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  2. 2 Bread & Butter 06:18
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  3. 3 New Tones 05:31
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  4. 4 Soft Spot 06:26
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  5. 5 My Desire 05:27
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Ten Tons Deeper starts the year in style with a drum and bass veteran at the helm. Shodan  is a name drum and bass heads across the globe will know well. Before he took a break from the world of dnb Shodan built up a discography of hits working with the best in the industry and delivering some tracks that can only be described as Anthems. 

He is probably most well known for his tracks alongside the legendary Phantasy 'Gimme the girl' Feat UK Apachewhich was signed to DJ Hype's Ganja records and of course 'England Story' featuring the top tier of drum and bass mc's of the era. Some huge releases preceded these including the massive No Liar feat Fatman D, but the release Shodan is most proud of is his Living in Darkness remix, which gave him huge amounts of kudos from his piers and did some serious damage in the dancefloor. 

Now we fast forward a few years and Shodan has returned, but he has chilled a bit in his time away from the scene which is evident by some of the sublime liquid dnb he has now turned his hand to. 

Nightshift is a clean, expertly produced masterpiece, now based in Wales it seems Shodan has taken note of his surroundings and has been able to write his music accordingly, those rolling hills are definetly akin to Nightshifts rolling basslines, well placed chord progressions and dreamy vocals. 

Shodan is in no hurry to prove anything to anyone and feels it important that each track stands alone, so the listening masses can fully take it all in with out being concerned with the track that goes with it. Its true to say only someone with Shodans credentials could pull something like this off, and the good folks at Ten Tons Deeper were happy to use this as a marketing strategy, a single should be a single right?, lol. Anyway lets be honest the track speaks for itself, you can expect more from Shodan on Deeper as the year goes on, and i can assure you there is some great music coming your way.


Ten Ton Beats returns with the next part of the Elements series, We've had The Air EP from Manga, after that we went over to sister label Ten Tons Deeper for the Water EP exclusively out now from the Ten Ton Beats website (www.tentons.co.uk) until its general release on 23.10.17. 
Next up the rudeboy king of sub basslines returns The mighty Damageman unleashes his Earth EP, guaranteed filth and heavy basslines as we get not only the VIP treatment of his highly support track Addict, but we also get an extremely weighty remix of label buddy MQ's Slammin, loads to look forward to on this highly anticipated continuation in the Elements series.


Handcutz shows good Instincts.... 

Next up on Ten Ton Beats we have Canadian jump up export Handcutz with a dose of his expertly crafted new skool flavas. He teams up with a couple of his studio partners Fanatics & Krusty to present two weighty Bangers guaranteed to send the raving masses into a sweat ridden frenzy.

Support includes Nicky Blackmarket / Eazy / Lady V Dubz / Phantasy / MissRepresent / Klip & Outlaw / MQ / Damagerman + loads more


Ten Ton Beats presents The Elements series: Manga AIR EP 

Next up on Ten Ton Beats we go full steam ahead with the first in Ten Ton Beats Elements series Air, Earth, Fire & Water will all have seperate EP's, First up im very happy and proud to announce the return of Manga who is unleashing the Air EP, you lot are in for a treat. 

Long time friend of the label Manga had a huge release early on in TTB's infancy, The Raw Power EP helped to put Ten Ton Beats on the map. 
Since then Manga has gone on to release countless bangers across many labels as well his own. Label boss Rekless approached Manga early in the year to start recording for the label and this is the first of a flurry of releases coming from this South London based jump up dnb don. All four tracks show Manga's experience in the lab, his drums are robust and tight and his years of tinkering with synths to extract the most weighty bass lines comes to the fore. A diverse EP with Mangas stamp written all over it, the slightly leftfield venture into jungle on 'Drums and Clark Kent Bass' is a solid dance floor filler as well as the title track 'Air' which is jam packed with technical wizadry giving that new school flavour but only on Manga's terms, What a massive EP this is. 
Ten Ton Beats keeps pushing forward into 2017 delivering powerful music to the dnb community.




Ten Ton Beats mad professor MQ returns to Ten Ton Beats with a 5 pack of delights bursting at the seams with that rolling vibe that is so popular right now. 
MQ is rapidly moving away from the New or breakthrough talent tag and forcing his way into the much more desirable 'Established' category. 
There is much more in the pipeline coming from Mr MQ this year on Ten Ton Beats but this release really does show an ability to adapt to his surroundings and make what is working on the dancefloor, executing is expertly and giving it that MQ feel, what a talent this Essex basd producer is shaping up to be.


Ten Tons Deeper returns after the success of The Pain Ep by Link. 
This time brand new signing Lustral steps up to unleash 2 massive tracks with that darker edge we look for at TTD. 
Lustral is an artist who has been steadily building up his repetoir e of tracks for some time now, a highly skilled producer who is ready to move on to the next stage of his career. These 2 tracks are just a taster of what this Gosport based producer is capable of, with an EP pencilled in for TTD's sister label Ten Ton Beats there is lots to look forward to from Mr Lustral, watch this space.



Huge Support on this forthcoming single on Ten Ton Beats, from the legendary DJ Hype on his long running Kiss FM show, with a release date of Early July Addict is a classic example of Damagemans particular style of dnb, somewhere between the sub bass rollers of the jungle days and upfront dnb of the today,with another exceptional banger 'Reality' on the flip side this promises to be another huge release from the Ten Ton gang. 
Additional Support from: Mackie gee/Phantasy/Nicky blackmarket/ Basslayerz /Harry Bizzle/Kenny Ken/Klip and outlaw/DJ Ollie/ Barrington/Miss represent/Lady V Dubz/Ironlung/Propz and Rowney/ Cabin Fever/Kjah/Dj hybrid

Dangerous is BACK!!!! 

The mighty Dangerous returns to Ten Ton Beats with a couple of his buddies to unleash a huge single marking his return to the production arena, and a pre-emptive strike which proceeds his highly anticipated EP on Ten Ton Beats, Dangerous back and hes not playing around.

These 2 bangers standalone in their own right as well as making a solid single, Missing in action alongside Fraksure a is well thought out revisiting of one of TTB's most biggest tracks part of the highly supported & ambitious project the 5 years of Ten Ton LP.  on the flip side we have 'Donkey' with the very well respected new school producer 'Basstripper' helping out on the buttons, nice rolling flavas on this banger, irresistible bassline, always whips the crowd into a frenzy, a solid riddim this one.

Dangerous has already submitted some music that will be featured on his highly anticipated EP coming soon to Ten Ton Beats, and we don't mind telling you you are in for a real treat from a revitalised Dangerous. He will be leading the charge on Ten Tons next big project The Elements EP series more on that as the weeks and months go by but for now, this single shows real intent from this France based producer, (Yes Dangerous is based in France, get over it!!) there is a lot to look forward to as we push full steam ahead into 2017.


Listen to both tracks below

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