Welcome to the new look Ten Ton Beats website, Ten Ton Beats is a UK Drum & Bass record label, run by the BBC introducing endorsed Project Lando. Here you can buy the releases from the label before anywhere else, merchandise is also available, including Hats, T shirts and lots more. This is your one stop hub for all things Ten Tons so information on all the artists, mixes, free downloads, videos, artist interviews and loads more.

TTB's sister label Ten Tons Deeper is also has its own section so you can keep up to date with what's happening there see what the artists signed to that label have in store for you if you like your beats on a liquid vibe or with a techy flavour, this will be the section for you.;



The rudeboy MQ returns with that jump up flavour he does so well, 4 expertly constructed dancefloor destined bangers all of which create absoloute mayhem when dropped, from sublime rollers to face twisting in your face riddims its all here on his Human Filth EP



Ten Ton Beats returns in 2019 with Project Lando at the helm, after a massive 11 track run on BBC Essex introducing show demand has risen for some of the tracks to played to be available to buy, so here it is the Last Dragon EP, the title taken from the film the sample in Bruce Leroy was taken from and a fave of Project Lando as a kid. This EP holds different flavours showcasing the ability throw a hat in the ring of any subgenre of DnB, a must for your Spotify or Apple playlists, not forgetting the download crew. All 4 tracks are high impact dancefloor bangers destined for the raving crew, Project Lando has quite a few projects planned for this year so be sure to join is Soundcloud account to see what this new exciting producer is coming up with for 2019.


Rekless (Owner of Ten Ton Beats, AKA Project Lando) and label buddy Damageman have joined forces to form a new production duo called Rekage. The duo have been tinkering away trying to launch this new brand with a bang.  
The legendary Fatman D was drawn in to provide one of his most well known hooks for the first track 'Stutter' an extremely hard hitting, high energy track not for the feint hearted. 
This new act went back in and created some womptastic flavours for the flip side 'Gearheads' which his just as hard, one for the stomping crew. 

Rekage are getting in the studio as much as possible and working around their individual artist commitments to bring some thing new and fresh to the drum and bass scene. for more details you can check them out on Soundcloud:  
Faceboook: www.facebook.com/rekagednb


The Good folks at Ten Ton Beats have put together a various artist EP utilising the wealth of talent that is available at Team Ton Ton. 
It has been a flurry of solid releases from Ten Ton Beats this year, and this one is no different. The team over at Ten Tons is stronger than ever with the new addition of label head 'Rekless' going under his alias 'Project Lando' offering up the lead track 'Offensive' along side label buddy 'Dangerous'. Also featured on the EP are what only can be described as 2 of TTB's most decorated soldiers  'Manga', 'Damageman', who have always charted extremely well when they have released on the label, and another new addition 'Bearz dem' also features on this overly weighty collection of filth. Another quality release from this fiercely independent label that has shown its ability to stay the course in a very competitive market.



Ten Ton Beats returns with the mad professor MQ at the helm. The Roll Out EP is an all guns blazing return to TTB for MQ who has been creating serious waves on the dnb scene since his last outing, DJ'ing internationally and dropping releases on various labels, but it seems MQ has saved the best for Ten Tons with 4 tracks of dancefloor dnb that do not disappoint. 
This Essex based producer even steps out of the jump up genre and gives us some diversity with the track that finishes off the EP 'I'm Alright', you would think MQ had been producing dancefloor liquid dnb for years with this well executed liquid gem. I think we can all agree this EP has some seriously weighty, MQ is back and is not taking any prisoners.



Ten Ton Beats walks the walk and talks the talk,as Tomoyoshi brings his A game. 
TTB started 2018 off with a bangin single featuring one of dnbs most promising  new Talents 'Freek' who delivered a fully weighty remix for this ever evolving label. 
To back up such a strong start and always on the look out for the future of our beloved genre, label head Rekless has drafted in a talent who has been making waves on the jump up scene for some time now. Tomoyoshi is a quality producer who has mastered the art of the jump up genre, this EP is both diverse and imaginative, with each track challenging the last it makes a good front to back listen, all tracks are dancefloor bangers, so its perfect for for radio shows and your live sets, another quality EP brought to you by the good folks at Ten Ton Beats.



Ten Ton Beats starts the year with two weighty remixes. 
TTB feels it is about time to level up as a brand, and if your going to do it, do it properly, so the good folks at Ten Ton drafted in none other than the mighty 'Freek', who is as much at home on legendary labels like Ram as he is on jump up labels such as Multi Function. A shrewd move by the ever evolving label and so worth it. Freek delivers a massive remix putting a totally different spin on Get you down originally by Dangerous, he dug deep and pulled out the most unholy sub bass out of the gutter to accompany the silky vocals of Mary B. 
To back that up label head honcho Rekless has dusted of his studio and has returned to his first love of production under the alias Project Lando, His remix gives this single that jump up element Ten Ton Beats is known for whilst also stating his own intent to be a lot more active on the production side of things 
All in all a solid 1st release of 2018 from the Ten Tons camp


Ten Tons Deeper starts the year in style with a drum and bass veteran at the helm. Shodan  is a name drum and bass heads across the globe will know well. Before he took a break from the world of dnb Shodan built up a discography of hits working with the best in the industry and delivering some tracks that can only be described as Anthems. 

He is probably most well known for his tracks alongside the legendary Phantasy 'Gimme the girl' Feat UK Apachewhich was signed to DJ Hype's Ganja records and of course 'England Story' featuring the top tier of drum and bass mc's of the era. Some huge releases preceded these including the massive No Liar feat Fatman D, but the release Shodan is most proud of is his Living in Darkness remix, which gave him huge amounts of kudos from his piers and did some serious damage in the dancefloor. 

Now we fast forward a few years and Shodan has returned, but he has chilled a bit in his time away from the scene which is evident by some of the sublime liquid dnb he has now turned his hand to. 

Nightshift is a clean, expertly produced masterpiece, now based in Wales it seems Shodan has taken note of his surroundings and has been able to write his music accordingly, those rolling hills are definetly akin to Nightshifts rolling basslines, well placed chord progressions and dreamy vocals. 

Shodan is in no hurry to prove anything to anyone and feels it important that each track stands alone, so the listening masses can fully take it all in with out being concerned with the track that goes with it. Its true to say only someone with Shodans credentials could pull something like this off, and the good folks at Ten Tons Deeper were happy to use this as a marketing strategy, a single should be a single right?, lol. Anyway lets be honest the track speaks for itself, you can expect more from Shodan on Deeper as the year goes on, and i can assure you there is some great music coming your way.

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