Damageman is such a Filthy Animal…

Filthy Animal EP artwebDamageman returns to Ten Ton Beats riding the highs of his last outing on the label.
Damageman’s ‘This Music EP’ put this Felixstowe based producer on the map, he had had a few releases here and there on the likes of Eternal Muzic and his own label Banger after Banger Records but after signing to TTB his production game stepped up a notch and, From the title to track ‘This Music’ to the highly supported ‘What the fuck was that’ this was an EP that made a statement, and that is when mentioning the ‘New wave’ of drum and bass artists Damageman should be a name that is right of the top of that list. The EP charted extremely well with ‘3 seconds’ and ‘What the fuck’ holding top ten status at the same time.
So now we move onto his follow up, and let’s be honest that EP was hard act to follow, but follow it he has AND he’s done it in style. Damageman’s USP is the ability to create a groove, a groove that when it’s dropped forces your body to respond, whether you’re a one foot skanker or footwork shuffling aficionado. The warm rumbling sub bass of the title track ‘Filthy Animal’ drops in and causes all sorts of problems on the dancefloor, ravers clambering for their horns, that generic yelling for the rewind it all goes off when this track is intdamageman TTB webroduced to any DJ’s set, and each track has that same quality. ‘Sound as a pound’ calls on all junglist soldiers to get their stomp on, those hard marching drums provide the perfect platform for that thumping low frequency bass pattern, not forgetting some very clever percussion use, an example of the strictly killers no fillers track list.
Up next the only co lab on the EP with Evs from Twisted Beatz, a definite does what it says on the tin affair ‘what’s it called?’ I hear you cry ‘Hard like Hammer’ and it does just that with some next level synth processing, that second bassline is more grizzly than a bear and I dare say would scare one off if needed!, and if that’s not enough for you Mr Damageman gets deep and for his final track on the EP. Dark Moment is as moody as it gets, those energetic extremely well produced drums serve as the engine for this locomotive of a riddim, if there is any track on this stand out EP that will make you pull that all important bassface its this one. Ten Ton Beats is very proud to have this uber talented leader of the New School on its roster, The Filthy Animal EP cements this Essex producer’s meteoric rise in to the top tier of dnb producers.





The legendaTTB48webry Dangerous has returned from his Australian adventure with rejuvenated energy which he transfers to this highly anticipated EP.

The Back in Town EP has been in the making for some time as Dangerous ever perfectionist refused to release anything but his best work, much to the dismay of label boss Rekless, but even Rekless will agree the wait was worth it and Dangerous has brought a few friends along for his return, the likes of Ironlung, Basstripper, Steampunk & Simskai are all featured on this monster of an EP.


From the rumbling bass of his Co lab with the legendary German producer Steampunk (Give it to me)to his out and out new school tear up with the highly respected producer Ironlung (Good as dead) this EP is relentless in its ability to grab you by your collar and shout at the top of its voice DANGEROUS IS BACK!!!!!.

Every track on this 6 piece must have is a 10/10 there are no fillers, no tracks just make up the numbers, each track can stand on its own but when put together as part of the Back in Town EP it stands strong. Much like the Justice League all those super heroes are a handful on their own but when you put them together they become unstoppable.

The creative process has been long to get this EP to where it is now, so many tracks were added and taken away for not hitting Dangerous’s high standards, this is the standard he wants to set from this point on, in his words “ it’s not play time any more, it’s time to stick my head above the crowd” and I think you will all agree he has achieved that with this EP.

On the track list you will see to tracks with Belgian producer Basstripper who had the previous release on the label (TTB47) this is a combination you will be seeing more of on Ten Ton Beats in the coming months.

Dangerous has years of history on this drum and bass scene from as far back as 1995, he is a much respected producer and highly sought after DJ

He is now ready to show his full potential and this EP will certainly put him one large step ahead of the rest of the pack.



TTB47 copyWEBBasstripper is a name not many have heard of on the UK drum and bass scene but things are about to change for this Belgian based producer. After a string of huge releases it wasn’t long before Ten Ton beats knocked on his door contract in hand to arrange the first of a set of upcoming releases for the label.

Basstripper really has carved his own sound which sits comfortably with the current jump up genre.

With producers such as Dangerous, Alpha, Hedex and Ironlung amongst his supporters and fans it’s very easy to see where this young producers career is going and Ten Ton Beats is proud to be part of his journey

A. Straight Forward:  A Dancefloor based vibe fest, such a well constructed piece of drum and bass brilliance this is one of those tracks that sticks in your mind well after the rave, normally leading to Basstripper gaining another Soundcloud follower.

Sci-fi based intro leads nicely into dirty grotty bass lines heavyweight intense business, the w well processed drums hold your attention in ways that other tracks fail to do, at no point are you left getting bored as new elements are constantly added to keep you ear engaged, an epic debut on Ten Ton Beats from Mr Basstripper.


AA.Request: This track can definitely be described as a head turner, everything seems to work, from the minimal intro making great use of a reverb tail to the well eq’d hi hats that string it together. Nothing quite prepares you for such a well thought out drop and main body of the track, percussion is also thrown in at frequent intervals creating some nice edits giving this massive release that always evolving feel.

You find yourself so engaged after the drop with all the different elements of the soundscape that the second breakdown catches you by surprise, and then all of a sudden that radio chatter sample announces the second drop. And your back in amongst that

At only 18 Basstripper is making some serious waves in drum and bass and has been able to break free of his native home to be heard on an international stage.

You heard it here first people Basstripper a name to remember.

Ten Tons unleashes the Big phat Bass remixes project

TTB46webNext up on Ten Ton Beats we have a remix package that ticks every drum and bass box its possible to tick.
Steampunk & Jasmine Knight teamed up to create an epic dance floor smasher way back at TTB41, silky smooth vocals from the massively talented Jasmine Knight combined with the furious energy of Steampunk’s ‘wild drum and bass’ (his words not mine). A hypnotic combination that had ravers needing medical attention when the drop……..dropped.
Fast forward to now and those smooth vocals and tight arrangement haven never left the thoughts of Ten Ton Boss Rekless and a remix project was formed.

Rekless wanted to keep the Ten Ton ethos of giving emerging talent a platform to show that you don’t need a headliner to make an epic remix. Rekless gathered together some of the best producers from the Ten Ton camp to prove just that.
New signings Rob Soundline & Damageman were soon drawn in and their remixes show exactly why they have earned a place at the Ten Ton Table.
Exclusive signing Melysma gives the EP that 360 feel coming with a totally outside the box approach, Ten Ton soldier Manga takes the bull by the horns and offers up a ferocious assault on the jump up senses as well as ‘High3r l3v3ls Certified Sickness’ who drops a masterful recreation of an epic track with his own Certified stamp on it. Also not forgetting the original which we at TTB HQ thought had to feature, it has so much energy there was no way it could be left out.


TTB45WEBTen Ton Beats is proud to introduce Brand new signing Rob Soundline and his debut EP on TTB.

This EP has been in the making for sometime as Rob hailing from Derby had been sending his tracks for quite some time to label boss Rekless. Rob Soundline has one thing in bucket loads and that’s determination, he was determined to have a release on Ten Ton Beats and here we are a couple years after him sending his first track to TTB and he has signed on the dotted line to become part of the Ten Ton Beats family

Mr Soundline has an uncanny ability to listen to whats around him and make his own very current sound from all his influences, well supported by some of our industries most respected artists. Rob gives us new school flavours with the lead track Clear mind, up next is the most heavily supported of the EP ‘Games’. And to show versatility Rob digs deep to unleash ‘draw you in’, something very unexpected for a predominantly jump up producer, more on the liquid laid back side of things, the track does what it says on the tin, as you trying to get your head around the fact Rob Soundline is making something laid back, the track Draws you in and you find yourself hungrily waiting where the next chord progression is going to take to. The Clear mind EP is an epic Ten Ton debut from Rob Soundline, he is definitely a name to look out for as his skill set is growing at an alarming rate.

Originally from Ripley, Derbyshire, Rob Soundline comes from a predominately hardcore and techno back ground. Since joining the Army in 2007 he started to mix with more and more people that were listening Drum and Bass and decided to pick it up as his main genre to mix. A few unheard years practice whilst stationed in Wales would prove to be great foundation of what was to come when he moved to Colchester. He quickly got involved with Rough Tempo and from there started to forge a solid base for what we all know as Rob Soundline.


In 2013 he decided it was time to get his head firmly into production and from then on in spent every spare bit of time in a make shift studio at his home learning his trade slowly upgrading hardware software and knowledge as time progressed, however it is not until the present day where he has started to find his feet reap the benefits and start to perfect a sound that we have all come to know.


2015 is set to be a very busy year for Rob Soundline. With his co-owned label running smoothly and his new signing to the mighty TEN TON BEATS there’s plenty of studio time for him to get his head stuck into. Be sure to catch him at plenty of raves around the south coast and a few further north. But be certain to watch out for his forthcoming bangers on TEN TON BEATS.

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